Consuming Binary Data in Angular with ProtobufJS

Tue Jun 10, 2014

For one of the apps that I’ve been working on, I have a server written in GO that sends out binary data encoded with Google Protobuf messages via. REST endpoints. For example:

message Word {
  optional string name = 1;
  optional string category = 2;

message WordList {
  repeated Word word = 1;

The question is how do you consume the binary data in Angular ? The answer - Use responseType: "arraybuffer" in your $http.get.

$http.get("/words", {responseType: "arraybuffer"}).success (data) ->
  ##Process data

The second question is how do you decode the binary data in Javascript/Angular ? The answer - Use ProtobfJS.

Installation is easy with bower: bower install --save protobuf

Once installed, don’t forget to add libs in your index.html.

<script src="bower_components/bytebuffer/ByteBuffer.min.js"></script>
<script src="bower_components/ProtoBuf/ProtoBuf.min.js"></script>

Finally, decoding the data.

WordList = dcodeIO.ProtoBuf.loadProtoFile("/model").build("model.WordList")
$http.get("/words", {responseType: "arraybuffer"}).success (data) ->
  wlist = WordList.decode(data)
  $scope.words = wlist.word

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