Getting Started With Grunt - Book Review

Thu Apr 24, 2014

Getting Started with Grunt

The book maybe about Grunt, but its biggest value proposition, IMHO, is the excellent walkthrough on the Node.js ecosystem and modern web development.

The author has very cleverly leveraged Grunt as a medium to introduce more advanced tools like Coffeescript, Jade, Stylus, all of which when used properly results in a huge productivity boost. See Chapter 4 Grunt in Action.

The only thing that I felt missing was a chapter on Javascript itself. A brief intro on Javascript and its idiosyncrasies could have served as a nice appendix. Although, the book does contain a good reference list on Javascript.

Who will benefit from the book ? Not including the usual front-end developers and framework creators:

Experienced Java developers like myself who’ve made the move to the dynamic world of Javascript (front-end/backend)

Web developers proficient in JQuery/PHP but have failed to get onboard the Node train

All in all, there’s no doubt that the book will serve as a handy reference for Javascript developers

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